Every year as we approach a New Year, it seems a lot of chatter, predictions, and concerns about the capital markets takes place. It is clear the end of 2016 was no different as there seemed to be many pundits, media, and investment managers who continued to paint a picture that it was a “crazy” year.

Here’s the punchline: 2016 was not any crazier, or more unusual, nor had anything special take place (at least when it comes to the global stock market). It was actually a very very normal year, in comparison to historical standards. Now, I admit this may be more true at least for the domestic markets, i.e. S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow, etc.

For those who enjoy visual graphs, charts, and numbers you can read our in depth CAM_2016 Market Review which includes a lookback to many of 2016’s events.

Looking ahead, I’ve heard questions from many of you surrounding interest rates, potential tax law changes, and the impact of the presidential election, just to name a few. With an exciting 2017 ahead, we will continue to monitor and make changes to our clients financial planning strategies as appropriate. In addition, with the increase in interest rates, we also feel there will be an opportunity to provide additional income to those for whom we have implemented customized retirement income solutions. Last but not least, we expect to make small portfolio adjustments to align with the needs of our clients as we manage risk accordingly given today's market environment. This includes continuing to own higher expected return assets where opportunistic as well as increasing our clients’ allocation to positive return investment vehicles.

As always, please let us know how we can help.


Marc Jimenez, CFA, CFP®
Managing Principal & Founder
CAM Investor Solutions

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