This week we take a break from deep finance and instead share the launch of CAM's community youth initiative.

I am excited to announce, Clocks for Kids, benefiting scholastic chess players around the State of Colorado. The initiative began on March 25th at the Summit School of Chess monthly tournament series and will continue at upcoming scholastic events throughout 2017 and beyond. Summit is owned and operated by National Master Jesse Cohen, and the school's mission is to not only promote chess but to develop gains in cognitive thinking abilities within their students.

As part of the launch, CAM provided digital chess clocks to scholastic winners and participants, and we will continue to build a positive framework that can be shared everywhere for the benefit of our youth.

The purpose of Clocks for Kids is to support, promote, and foster development across our local youth in Colorado’s chess community. Our goal is to one day provide all active scholastic players in Colorado the opportunity to participate and earn their own chess clock. This serves multiple purposes related to competition and in providing resources to those young children who do not have the proper equipment. For reference, only a small number of scholastic players own their own chess clock. Part of the reason is due to monetary constraints related to their school and/or family resources, while others lack experience and confidence in using them during competition which can limit their progress.

As a youth participant in scholastic events myself (many years ago), I was fortunate to win my first clock in a tournament too (It was analog and well before digital!). Clocks for Kids is an initiative that I am passionate about as we support our youth’s development in chess as well as in all areas of their lives.

I look forward to seeing what we can do.



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