Investment Management

CAM Investor Solutions is a fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisor with offices located in Colorado, Florida, and Texas. As a growing wealth management firm, we are focused on serving individual and institutional clients around the country.

Independent Advice

As a fiduciary to our clients, CAM provides financial planning and retirement income solutions to like-minded clients that share our investment philosophy, are in need of our advanced planning, and for whom we can provide significant value.

As fiduciaries, we maintain a transparent fee structure that keeps in mind the best interest of our clients as we specialize in the following areas: Start Planning Today

  • Financial Planning Strategies

    Everyone needs planning. Our advanced planning solutions are designed to help families, business owners, and busy executives make smart decisions. We utilize a multi-generational approach that provides measurable benchmarks with a focus on wealth accumulation, tax-planning, small business transition, risk management, and preservation of capital.

  • Quantitative Investment Management

    While some investors face a challenging environment to meet their performance objectives, we bring an evidence-based approach to our clients. This includes employing aggressive diversification across multiple sources of return, understanding the behaviors of style investing, using tax-aware strategies, and controlling for costs. Our structured, yet flexible approach is the driver as we look to own higher expected return assets for our clients.

  • Retirement Income Solutions

    To some, retirement is just an artificial finish line. However, in today’s changing environment it requires a lot more preparation as one begins to transition from accumulation mode to income distribution mode. Our firm recognizes the hurdles investors face as their human capital changes over time, especially when they need to establish sustainable lifetime income. To do this, we use custom equity glide paths, create flexible spending policies, optimize social security, and continuously allocate assets in the right way in order to give our clients the highest probability of success.

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