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Enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve.

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Your Path Is Unique

Why choose CAM?

We seek to better define the kinds of clients we enjoy working with to ensure we build a company that helps those kinds of investors.

CAM Investor offers a boutique and personal experience, like a fine dining experience tailored for you.

Boutique & Personal

As an independent firm, we have no corporate mandates to work with hundreds of clients per advisor, which allows us to deliver quality and personalized service to our clients.

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Advanced Planning Solutions

Customization is necessary because we often provide the greatest value when our clients’ needs have a certain level of complexity.

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Ask for a 2nd Opinion

Are you anxious about your financial health? We would love to hear your story and provide a second opinion on how we can help.

Choosing a Financial Advisor

What makes a financial planner a good fit for a client? Watch this quick video segment where Marc Jimenez, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer at CAM Investor Solutions, provides insights to clients looking for investment solutions on what questions to ask and what to look for in an investment planning firm.

Our Process

Deciding who is going to help you accomplish your financial goals is a huge decision.

Through our process you get to know us and if we can help you before any commitments.

Intro Call

Are we right for you? Let’s hop on a 15-minute intro call.


An opportunity to understand everything that is financially important to you in seven key areas.


We will present a detailed, actionable plan that will serve as a roadmap.


Our commitment to take action on recommendations and move forward.

Continuous Review

Discuss progress toward your goals and advanced planning objectives.

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