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Tax Planning

Our firm offers annual tax planning as part of our comprehensive financial planning service. While often overlooked, robust tax planning is one of the most valuable pieces of a complete financial plan, and we are excited to offer it to you.

What is tax planning?

Tax planning refers to our review of your tax return to identify potential planning opportunities – both now and in the future – to keep your lifetime tax liability as low as possible. This is different than tax preparation (usually done by your CPA or an online service like TurboTax), which is focused on keeping you compliant with what the government thinks you owe each year.

Why is tax planning important?

Taxes touch every part of your financial life. Your tax return is a financial fingerprint: it’s completely unique to you, complete with valuable clues and information, all of which is buried in dozens of pages and hundreds of numbers. Understanding your return equips us to have more valuable and actionable conversations with you. Additionally, we can demystify the world of income taxes and help you understand this important piece of your financial picture.

Who is tax planning for?

Everyone! Regardless of your income sources or filing status, nearly anyone who pays income taxes can benefit from having a professional review of your tax return to identify relevant planning opportunities. At worst, we’ll review your return and conclude you are currently maximizing every available tax saving opportunity. That’s great “peace of mind” news. Alternatively – and more frequently – we’ll identify a handful of tax saving opportunities, both in the current year and in future years.

Video Discussion: Roth IRAs

Sarah and Marc discuss Roth IRAs and conversion strategies.

If left unmanaged, taxes can eat into your investment returns and leave you with less for your long-term goals. Download this brochure to learn more about how CAM implements tax-smart investing for our clients.

Want to know how we can help you with tax planning?

We support Uncle Sam and paying taxes, while also encouraging clients to save money where and when possible.