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Who We Serve

We are people – people. That is, we love working with people. Some folks prefer to work behind the scene, away from the clients and consumers – which is totally fine too. At CAM we would much rather be visiting with our clients than be behind a computer.

Not sure if CAM is the right fit or if we work with clients like you? Read through a few case studies to see who we work with and how we’ve helped clients.

Business leaders

Business Leaders

Our clients are executives and senior managers with complex compensation structures and tax considerations. We do planning for both.

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Women Investors

Whether she’s the breadwinner, a working mom, a widow or experiencing a divorce – we help our female clients feel understood and supported.

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Happy retirees


The work is done, income has been earned and saved, now it’s time to plan how to enjoy some time off. Cash flow distribution and taxes are a big part of how we help our clients.

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Manager in a warehouse checking boxes

Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business ownership comes with unique considerations from growth to employees to exit planning. We help clients during all phases of their business’s life cycle, including their own retirement planning.

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Want to know if we can help?

We enjoy helping others, that’s why we’re in this business. We’d love to help you!