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How We Invest

Most people are familiar with traditional stocks and bonds, but how much should you own? Are there other investments that might help you achieve your investment goals? We believe there are.

To help guide our investment approach, we bring rigorous academic research to the process, which also includes utilizing alternative investment strategies when appropriate. These solutions may include both public and private opportunities to better manage risk.

Reacting Can Hurt Performance

Market volatility can be very hard to watch and stomach for even the most seasoned investors.

For this very reason, we help our clients stay disciplined by establishing a deliberate strategy and staying invested.

As seen in the chart, missing only a few days of strong returns can drastically impact overall performance.

Time in the market vs timing the market

Performance of the S&P 500 Index, 1990­–2021

Chart: Time in the market vs timing the market

While some face a challenging environment to meet their performance objectives, we bring an evidence-based approach to our clients. This includes:

  • Employing aggressive diversification across multiple sources of return
  • Understanding the behaviors of style investing
  • Using tax-aware strategies
  • Controlling for costs

Our structured, yet flexible approach is the driver as we look to own higher expected return assets for our clients.

Learn about our Asset Management approach here.

Nominal and Real U.S. 10-Year Treasury Yields

1958 – March 2024

Our clients come to us with a large range of investment needs and challenges. To help our clients achieve their goals:

  • We maintain a disciplined process
  • We focus on what we can control
  • Our philosophy plans for uncertainty
  • We assume that tomorrow won’t be like yesterday
  • The firm is committed to lifelong learning
  • Our process seeks to partner with innovative investment firms
  • We won’t be complacent
  • We believe in getting compensated for taking the right kinds of risk
  • We help our clients stay the course

The Randomness of Returns

Diversification Helps Take the Guesswork Out of Investing
Annual returns (%): 2007–2021

Chart: The Randomness of Returns

How can we help you invest?

Need a 2nd opinion or have questions about investing, we’re here to provide guidance