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Retirement Planning

After decades of working with retirees, we have experienced what it is like to not only take someone to retirement but through it as well. Aging can come with its challenges as well as blessings and it is important to get organized sooner rather than later.

Are you ready for Retirement?

  • Less than 25% of investors will have a pension
  • Social security benefits alone won’t provide for enough retirement income

Like you, many of our retirees have asked themselves these same questions:

  • When should I start Social Security?
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  • When can I retire – how much money do I need?
  • Inflation feels like it’s here to stay, how do I plan for that?
  • I’m afraid I will outlive my money, what do I do?
  • How much will healthcare and long-term care affect my retirement income?
  • How do I minimize my taxes?
  • The markets seem so volatile, how do I invest my money?

It’s important to look at factors that impact retirement and determine what is in your control and what is out of your control first.

Retirement planning flowchart

Aging gracefully by planning for the future

Appoint a financial representative

The appointee should be deemed both competent and trustworthy to act in your client’s best interest should they become unable to act for themselves.

Organize accounts and arrange access

Client should create a comprehensive list of financial assets with instructions on how to access them. Offer our worksheet to help clients get started.

File a Power of Attorney (POA)

Encourage clients to keep their POA on file with financial institutions and review annually. Partner with an attorney to offer their services if clients don’t have a POA.

Document wishes and communicate plans

Ensure financial caretaker or family members know where important documents are kept and instructions for managing assets are understood.

Not only are you facing strategic headwinds, you are also looking for a way to transition with a purpose. This period of transition is easier with the right advisor to help.

Ready to make work optional?

It’s time to enjoy life, let us help you plan it.