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Stock Options

So your company has granted you stock options. Now what?

Stock options or equity compensation gives you a potential share in the growth of your company’s value without any financial risk to you until you exercise the options and buy shares of the company’s stock. Before you exercise your options, their built-in value is subject to pre-tax growth—which can be significant.

Our clients come to us with a large range of equity compensation needs and challenges. To help our clients achieve their goals, here are several key considerations we often discuss when it comes to their stock grants:

  • Understand your situation, including short-term cash needs
  • Should your decisions be entirely tax-driven
  • Your outlook for both your company’s stock price and your job
  • Comfortability with your concentration in company stock, should you diversify
  • Multi-year projections for your income and taxes
  • Donations in company shares vs cash
  • Any changes needed in beneficiary designations
  • Whether to pay estimated taxes in the year ahead because of substantial income

Whether you’ve just received company stock or held on to it for years – we can help you.

For Your Consideration:

Marc discusses the background and specialization of his firm, which focuses on advanced planning strategies for business owners and individuals with liquidity events. He emphasizes the importance of understanding clients’ needs and goals in order to provide value and manage risk effectively.

Not sure how to best capitalize on your company earnings?

Let us help you make the most of the reward you’ve earned.