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Women + Wealth

Empower women to define what wealth means to them and build their financial foundation.

Women have been busy starting businesses and climbing the corporate ladder!

These women are often overstretched. Trying to juggle being their household manager, careers, friendships and networks – there are not enough hours in the day to handle it all.

We understand – we’ve been those women ourselves. That’s why it’s important to us to work with women to help them learn where they stand financially, give them the confidence to take control of their financial health and ability to execute a financial plan.

By 2030, women in the U.S. are poised to possess $30 trillion in assets through intergenerational wealth transfers. That’s largely because Baby Boomer women outlive their spouses by an average of 16 years, meaning wealth is often transferred to the wife before it is left to the next generation.

114%More women have become entrepreneurs over the past two decades
12.3MBusinesses in the U.S. are owned by women. This represents 40% of businesses in the U.S.
$1.8TIs generated by women-owned businesses in the U.S. every year.
51% of wealth is controlled by women
36% feel patronized by advisors
5yrs how long women typically outlive a man of the same age

We are not her dad’s advisor – we’re here to work with and understand HER.

Unique financial considerations often tend to fall on the shoulders of women more often than men:

  • Career gaps and lost wages
  • Outliving their spouse
  • Caring for elderly parents
  • Extended care for grown children or their own siblings
  • Divorce and financial loss

These events don’t have to cripple her financial future with the right planning. Working with a professional can ease the burden of caring these responsibilities on her own.

Source: BlackRock; Fundera, “Women-Owned Businesses: Statistics and Overview (2021),” December 2020; Baghai, P., Howard, O., Prakash, L., & Zucker, J., “Women as the next wave of growth in US wealth management,” July 2020; ETF Trends, “How Financial Advisors Can Strengthen Relationships with Women Investors”, March 2020.

Understand how CAM can guide you to financial independence

What does it look like to work with CAM as a woman?

  • Focus on what’s important to her
  • Ensure she’s invested
  • Align her portfolio to goals and interest
  • Coach her through life changes
  • Protect her wealth
  • Provide resources and referrals to professionals

When You Take Action:

  • Can reduce the probability of failure
  • Gains a partner and champion
  • Expanded financial awareness and confidence
  • Freedom – time and mental capacity to enjoy life

You can start your journey to financial health with these resources:

Ready to take control of your finances?

We enjoy working with women, we understand them and we want to see them succeed.