Providing a better way to protect your financial health  

By taking an objective and proactive approach that reflects the nuances and complexities of each situation, we continue to build trusted relationships for our clients. Our advanced planning solutions are designed to help families, business owners, and busy corporate executives make smart decisions. We utilize a multigenerational approach that provides measurable benchmarks with a focus on:

Advanced Planning

Withdrawal Policy Statements (WPS) for retirement
Tax planning for individuals
Longevity strategies
Asset protection and estate review

Our Systematic 
Investment Approach

Evidence-based investment philosophy
Custom retirement income solutions
Inflation protection and volatility strategies
High yield cash management


Low-cost evidence-based global equity strategies
Sustainable real estate portfolio
Managing for risk and return while
achieving investment goals.


Our firm recognizes the hurdles investors face as their human capital changes over time, especially when they need to establish sustainable lifetime income. To help our clients accomplish this, we provide the following:
- Tax efficient withdrawal strategies
- Longevity Planning
- Roth conversion and tax analysis
- Withdrawal Policy Statement (WPS)
- Optimization of Social Security
- Managing sequence of returns risk
- Custom retirement income portfolios
- Medicare transition
- Retirement Income Equation
CAM's strategic investment partner, Sam Adams, CEO of Vert Asset Management
shares their mission about investing for sustainability in real estate.
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