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New Year’s Strategy: Crafting Plans, Not Just Resolutions

As we step into the new year, it’s a time for reflection and forward-thinking, if you are looking to advance and elevate your wealth. Rather than setting fleeting resolutions, let’s focus on strategic planning for the year ahead, with a particular emphasis on financial stewardship.

Emphasizing Incremental Wealth Management

There is value in small, consistent changes. For the seasoned investor or high net-worth individual, this translates into refining your wealth management strategies. Consider setting precise, attainable financial targets, instead of a vague goal like “increase wealth.” Define specific investment milestones or diversification targets for the year.

Crafting a Vision for Mature Financial Goals

At this stage in life, your financial vision likely extends beyond personal gains. It might encompass complex tax planning, legacy planning, or preparing for a comfortable retirement. Define what financial success looks like for you this year, and let this vision guide your strategic decisions.

Rewarding Financial Discipline

Following the principle that “good habits should be rewarding“, it’s crucial to set up meaningful incentives for reaching financial milestones. This could involve treating yourself and your family to a memorable vacation after hitting an investment target, or splurging on a high-end item that has special meaning to you. These rewards serve a dual purpose: they not only acknowledge your financial acumen and self-discipline but also infuse your financial journey with a sense of fulfillment and happiness. This approach not only celebrates your current achievements but also encourages the continuation of such positive financial practices in the future.

Systems and Progress Tracking

Consistent tracking is key to habit formation. You should regularly review your financial portfolio and goals at least once a year. Are your investments aligned with your risk tolerance and life stage? Are you on track for your retirement goals? Regular assessments ensure you stay aligned with your financial objectives. The book “Atomic Habits” underscores the importance of systems over goals. This means having robust systems for wealth management, estate planning, and tax optimization. Your goals are important, but the systems you establish are what drive your financial success. At CAM, we set up regular process meetings with our clients as well as provide premier access to your plan to help you feel confident about your progress.

Committing to Continuous Financial Evolution

Finally, embrace a philosophy of ongoing improvement. Financial planning is a dynamic process, particularly as you navigate the complexities of wealth. Regularly revisit and refine your strategies to adapt to changing markets, tax laws, and personal circumstances.

For individuals building and keeping wealth, the new year is more than a time for resolutions; it’s an opportunity for strategic, habit-driven financial planning. By applying these principles, you can ensure that your wealth management strategies are not only effective for the coming year but also sustainable and rewarding in the long term. Here’s to a year of intentional, strategic growth!


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As a Wealth Advisor and Investment Advisor Representative at CAM Investor Solutions, Sarah Contino, CFP®, specializes in assisting women, especially but not limited to those going through a life transition such as job change, marriage, loss of spouse, and retirement. She also has years of experience helping executives and academics with retirement planning.