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The Great Estate Adventure Your Family Didn’t Sign Up For

Imagine this: you’ve just embarked on an eternal vacation, no return ticket, no postcards. Meanwhile, your family is about to receive a surprise “inheritance adventure kit.” Sounds exciting? Well, brace yourself for a roller coaster of probate court escapades if you haven’t left behind an estate plan!

The Mysterious World Without a Will

First up, welcome to the mystical realm of ‘intestacy‘ – a fancy legal term that means you didn’t leave a will. Without this crucial document, your assets embark on a magical mystery tour. A journey dictated by state laws, which might as well be written in ancient runes for all your family knows. Your beloved vintage car collection? Could end up with your second cousin who thinks a Mustang is a wild horse. Your cherished family home? Could end up astonishing those long-lost relatives who think of you every… oh wait, that would be never.

The Treasure Hunt for Assets

Without clear directions (read: estate plan), your family turns into amateur treasure hunters. They’ll sift through mountains of paperwork, navigate the perilous caves of forgotten accounts, and decode the enigmatic maps of your financial legacy. And just when they think they’ve hit the jackpot, they discover that the treasure chest is locked behind the formidable gates of probate court.

The Perilous Journey Through Probate Court

Now, let’s don our explorer’s hats and delve into the murky depths of probate court—a place where time seems to stand still, and paperwork grows like nefarious weeds in an untended garden. Venturing through probate without an estate plan is akin to navigating a bureaucratic jungle, armed with nothing but a stack of forms as your machete. Executors and family members must summon heroic patience as they encounter wild creatures known as ‘court delays’ and ‘legal fees’ that feast upon both time and wallets. Imagine a realm where your assets are frozen in the clutches of procedural glaciers, inching forward at a pace that would make snails impatient.

And just when you think the ordeal is over, surprise! More forms emerge, demanding to be tackled with the vigor of a knight facing a dragon. But fear not, for this arduous journey is avoidable. With a sprinkle of foresight and a dash of planning, you can shield your loved ones from this epic trial, proving that sometimes the mightiest sword in the battle for your legacy is a pen signing an estate plan.

So, What’s the Moral of the Story?

Just like any epic adventure, the journey through estate settlement without a plan is fraught with challenges, unexpected twists, and villainous paperwork. But fear not, faithful CAM friends! You have the power to rewrite this saga.

With a bit of planning, a sprinkle of legal advice, and a dash of paperwork, you can ensure your legacy is a blessing, not a cursed riddle for your loved ones.

Embark on your estate planning quest today, and transform that potential horror story into a fairy tale with a happy ending. After all, wouldn’t you rather be the hero of your own story? We’ve prepared an Estate Planning Basics guide to get you started.


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As a Wealth Advisor and Investment Advisor Representative at CAM Investor Solutions, Sarah Contino, CFP®, specializes in assisting women, especially but not limited to those going through a life transition such as job change, marriage, loss of spouse, and retirement. She also has years of experience helping executives and academics with retirement planning.