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The CAM Core Income Strategy

Press Release

CAM Investor Solutions Introduces New Strategy to Address Challenges in Today’s Fixed Income Market

The independent Firm continues to innovate, extending its next phase of strategic growth.

June 4th, 2024, Austin, Texas — CAM Investor Solutions (“CAM”) is proud to announce the recent launch of CAM Core Income, an innovative investment strategy designed to address the growing concerns of investors navigating the current interest rate and bond market environment. CAM Core Income seeks to provide investors with steady and attractive income while also pursuing higher returns when appropriate.

The Why

For many years, fixed income investors have faced what CAM has identified as the “3.2% problem“—the average annual return from the aggregate bond market over the last two decades. This figure has not only struggled to keep up with inflation but also failed to match the rise in GDP across our economy. This has presented a significant challenge for those relying on bonds for stable, risk-averse income, particularly in retirement plans.

“We recognize the challenges that come with traditional fixed income investments in the current interest rate environment,” said Marc Jimenez, Managing Principal & Chief Investment Officer at CAM Investor Solutions. “Since launching in April, our Core Income Strategies have been well-received, especially as interest rates continue to be on the move. We believe investors deserve more income, higher yields, and better performance. Through a blend of traditional and nontraditional institutional strategies, our goal is to help our clients better achieve their long-term investment objectives.”

The Who

CAM Core Income is designed for investors who are concerned about their fixed income (or less risky holdings) and who want to better manage today’s economic climate. The strategy seeks to balance the need for liquidity and preservation of capital, while still allowing investors to pursue higher returns. 

“With our Core Income Strategies, we are excited to offer a solution that directly addresses the needs of our clients, helping them to more effectively navigate the complexities of the capital markets.” added Jimenez.

The strategy is now available to accredited investors looking for an innovative and diversified approach to complement their retirement and investment needs.

About CAM Investor Solutions

CAM Investor Solutions, a fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisor, has offices located in Colorado, Florida, and Texas. As a growing wealth management firm, we focus on the needs of our clients to increase their quality of life. Our firm’s commitment to innovation through rigorous academic research enhances how we serve a multi-generational audience.

Firm Specialties Include:

  • Managing concentrated wealth
  • Planning for stock and option compensation / company IPOs
  • Custom retirement income strategies

CAM Investor Solutions


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As Director of Client Communications, Alyssa engages with all of the firm’s clients to better their experience and make a positive impact on their lives. As an Associate Wealth Advisor and member of the Investment Committee she specializes in working with women, mid-career professionals and families. As an advisor that embodies all these characteristics herself, she is able to easily connect with her clients and their lives.